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Ladies and gentlemen,

We thank you for showing interest in our catering service. Below, we have included our wedding menu selection. Let your imagination soar; choose, combine and based on that we will prepare a personalised quote.

Located in an awe-inspiring region, we choose to use local and organic products. Sourcing top-quality products is our priority and we guarantee the origin of the beef and lamb to be from the Diois region as it is carefully selected directly from farms of the region, which inturn, is processed at the Die slaughterhouse.Moreover, we make 90% to 95% of what we sell. You can discover our offers which include: the service, coffee, bread and white non-woven table cloths.

Tableware and drinks rental are not included. For any ordered meal, we offer the Diois ice cream (if you provide the alcoholic beverages)

We remain at your disposal should you require additional information.

Kindly accept our culinary greetings.

Pascal Reysset

For your wedding receptions, seminars, events...
We help you determine the quote for free.
We are mobile and offer our services throughout the Rhône-Alpes region.
We will be following the Tour de France; a fantastic experience for our team

Suggestions for wedding meals

(Service, Coffee, Bread, table cloths included for any menu)

Menu at 24.80€

Cold Buffet

Abundance of melons (in season),Piedmontese Salad, Tabbouleh
Ham Duo and Tapenade,Deli Meats of the mountains...
Fried Ravioli Salad and Nuts,Sliced Cucumber Salad 
Herbs and Crayfish Tail Pie,Dressed Trout

Hot and Cold Lamb Roast

Regional Cheese and Dessert

Menu at 28.50€

Guacamole and Tortillas Verrine,Deli Meats of the mountains
Citrus-fruit Salad with Peppermint,Provencal Tart 
Citrus-fruit and Fish Terrine
Italian style Avocado,Melon “en cascade” (in season)
‘Surprise’ Watermelon

Guinea Fowl Supreme with Thyme Juice
Seasonal Vegetables, Gratin Dauphinois

Country Cheeses


Menu at 28,80€

Landaise Salad (Gizzards, Duck Breast, Foie Gras) Or
Gourmet Salad (Raw Ham, Picodon (goats-milk cheese), Nuts, Fried
Ravioles, “Caillette”(pork ragù) Or
Scallops and Crayfish tail Jumble layered in pastry sheets with Salad Or
Beef Carpaccio and Duck Breast à l’Orange

Arctic Char Fillet à l’Aligoté (Archiane fishery) and Anise Flavoured Julienned Vegetables (+ € 5.20)

Kangaroo Fillet with Nuts Or
Beef Roast with Truffle Juice Or
Filet Mignon with Morels
Vegetables, Gratin Dauphinois

Country Cheeses (Soft and Hard)


Menu at 32€ with Fillet Mignon/ € 36 Menu with Quail Fillet Cocktail Buffet

Cocktail Buffet

Trout Mousse and Tomato Puree
Raw Chiffonnade Ham and Pidocon (goats-milk cheese)
Foie Gras Mousse Verrine and “Gelée au Châtillon”
Abundance of Aspic Salad with a Fresh Dauce and Cocktail
“Beaumes de Venise” Melon and Watermelon
Raviole Salad with Nut oil
Home-made ‘Surprise’ Bread

Fillet Mignon with Morels Or
Quail Fillet with Truffle Juice

Country Cheeses (Soft and Hard)


Menu at 43.20 €

Starters Buffet
Hot and Cold Salmon, Abundance of Shrimps, Seafood Salad
Salad Niçoise, Hot “Caillette” (pork ragù), “Carré de Picq” Raw Ham, “Croustade des Bois” (mushroom pastry-wrapped dish)
Endive Salad and Smoked Duck Breast, Basil Tomato Salad
(Lightly cooked Foie Gras and Toasts + € 3.90 40g/ person)
‘Surprise’ Watermelon Or

Foie Gras Brioche and Onion Confit
Saint-Pierre (Jon Dory) Fillet with a Saffron Fumet Or

Red Mullet Fillet in Sorrel Sauce
Meat Duo
Filet Mignon with Morels/ Quail Fillet in Red Wine Or

Beef Fillet with Morels
Vegetables, Gratin Dauphinois

Country Cheeses (Soft and Hard) and Dessert

Menu at 29.00€

Regional Menu

Hot “Caillette” (pork ragù) in Red Wine
Served with Ravioles (Grand Goulets)

Archiane Trout Filet “à l’aligoté”

Roast Lamb with Rosemary Sauce Or

Braised Ham in Clairette
Vegetables, Gratin Dauphinois

½ Saint-Marcellin (French Cheese) in pastry sheets served with a Seasonal Salad


Rental or luxury cars for weddings, anniversaries or seminars

Quote upon request


  • Red Bull Operation 2015
  • Rhône- Alpes Feu Vert Challenge
  • Organic Wine General Assembly of France 
  • Seminar for the GC 
  • Red VTT Challenge
  • Catering for the General Council of Drôme (aperitif-dinner for the vows of the President of the General Council, catering for the Monte-Carlo Rally...)
  • Catering for “Cuisinez by M6” in PARIS

Original and Authentic services:

Spit-roasted Piglet or Lamb, or a barbequed ham with the bone

All Meats are served with two Vegetables and a Gratin

You can choose between: Ravioles or Spelt or Dauphinois Gratin

For Dessert, we offer:

  • A Buffet (comprising of 3 desserts); desserts available: Framboisier, Fraisier, Black Forest, an assortment of Tarts, (nuts and honey, blueberry, raspberry), Charlotte à la Clairette,Vacherin, Baked Alaska, 3 different flavours of cream puffs.
  • Or a Pièce Montée
  • Or both as Extra

The “Mignardises” served with coffee (3 treats)

Seasonal Fruit Basket for the evening

Sparkling water at the end of the meal

Our Partners

Cutlery rental: Dauphiné Réceptions in Valence. Tel: 04 75 81 23 94
Marquee and Equipment Rental: DDL in La Roche De Glun. Tel: 04 75 84 58 58
Entertainment: Power Night in Die. Tel: 04 75 21 41 76Floriste: Le Vert Tige (Florist) in Die 04 75 22 25 72

Agreement Protocol


Our rates include the service: for 100 persons, 2 cooks, 3 to 4 waiters are needed for a 7h service period. E.g.: from 7.30 p.m. to the end of the evening at 2.30 a.m. Beyond that, all additional hours will be billed at € 17 per hour per employee.

The set up of tables and chairs, as well as the cleaning and tidying of the reception hall, is at your expense. Table setting is done on the eve of the event (excluding decoration and seating plans which are at your expense): Table setting package € 55, + travelling expenses; free for a 15km radius, € 0.65/km for any greater distance.

Once Coffee and dessert is served, the staff leaves the reception; you are responsible for the stowing away of the glasses which you should return the following day.

What’s included in our rates:

White non-woven table cloths and white non-woven napkins with the inscription “Le Caveau”, salt shaker, pepper shaker. A plastic cup and spoon for coffee.

Cutlery rental

We have included the rental company rates, together we will evaluate your requirements. For halls where cutlery is already provided and may be used, we kindly request that you pay the dishwasher fee of (€ 17 / hour)


Depending on the menu chosen, we can offer you wines from our cellar; you can also make a choice between the Clairette or the Champagne, which will be served. You can, however, bring your own wines; We do not charge any corkage fee.

Kids Meal

Children of up to 12 years old pay a fee of 9 € which includes the starter, cheese and dessert; children older are considered as adults.

A round trip will be invoiced depending on the distance travelled; free for a 15km radius. € 0.65/ km as from the 16th kilometre.

We send you an invoice in writing for the service you ordered 7 days prior to the event date (registered mail or courier). The booking date is considered as final after reception of the € 500 deposit. At the beginning of the year prior to the reception, we will ask for a 30% deposit of the order total as well as a signature of the purchase order and the present agreement with Read and Approved, Good for Agreement mentioned.The balance of which needs to be paid in full on day of reception.


Claims made over the telephone shall not be accepted; they must be in writing, and substantiated.
Client’s Signature
(must be preceded by the mention “Read and Approved, Good for Agreement”)

Caterer – Restaurant – Wine Bar
04 75 21 18 77